Paper Gif Roll Playtest of Paper Gif Roll from the ITP Winter show

An installation in the ITP bathroom that updates a gif based on the giphy API whenever a paper towel is dispensed. Created in collaboration with Rushali Paratey.

Microgreens lifecycle color study Microgreens from first sprouting to decomposition

Macrophotography exploring the color changes of growing and dying microgreens over several days.

Soil Micro-environments Image of AR application on a phone showing pollen on a sunflower

Projection paired with a custom augmented reality application built for Android explaining the phytoremediating power of sunflowers and showing soil micro-environments.

NYC Recycling & Landfill Map Map of NYC with a community district recyling rate hightlighted

A map of official residential recycling rates by NYC community district, location of waste processing facilities, and landfill destinations.

Traceroute: Visualizing Intermediaries Traceroute analysis output showing places on route to commonly visited sites from places I frequent

An exploration of unexpected geographic and corporate deviations of my web traffic, depending on where my web use originated.

Hide & Seek Web-based exploration where links are hidden

An associative choose-your-own-adventure journey inspired by early internet hypertext art.